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Maddy Bogacki

Maddy Bogacki
Maddy’s first great ambition was to become a master forger - thanks in part to a ropey T. Keating VHS she treasured in her youth. She has since developed some formidable drawing skills and a greater sense of moral conscience, much to everyone’s relief. Maddy is fully engaged with visual language. She was formally trained at Oxford University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, and is wildly enthusiastic about art in the digital age. Since leaving higher education she has contributed artistically to numerous projects - from stage design to post-production. Maddy is imaginative and highly adaptable. As part of the creative team at Equinet Media she will enjoy exploring a variety of illustrative methods that help to make effective, impactful statements online. At home, Maddy continues to make and paint her own canvases. She is running out of space to keep her work.

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Stories shared at the first Equinet Media's Cambridge HUG

by Maddy Bogacki on 16-Nov-2016 09:55:01

On Thursday 3 November, I was delighted to attend the first Cambridge HUG (HubSpot User Group), hosted by Equinet Media. There were many friendly faces, old and new, and it was a prized opportunity to meet with fellow HubSpot customers, inbound marketers and partners from surrounding areas.

Making connections

Between mouthfuls of blini, I enjoyed a lively conversation with Jamie Pennington - about cartography, of all things. I was very interested to learn of his experience in the field.

See, maps are curious things. Ultimately, their purpose is to describe the journey once made by another. A map captures the essence of travel and gives future wayfarers invaluable guidance in following that direction. They are vehicles for information; drawn to be read. They provide context and measurable checkpoints - landmarks, boundaries, paths and obstacles, all carefully observed - warning foreign feet of danger. The topology of the land is described, the scale is defined.

This thorough examination enables people to learn from a surveyor's experience. There are some parallels to be drawn between map-making and the activity we engaged in that night. HubSpot is our shared territory. HUGs give us the chance to map out (digital) landmarks together. Whether by verbal or visual means, arming our peers with knowledge, helps prepare them for challenges on the road ahead.

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