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Simone Costello

Simone Costello
Simone is a freelance consultant specialising in digital marketing, writing and design.

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Guest Blog: Focus on Leads and Sales

by Simone Costello on 08-Feb-2017 16:44:07

Last Thursday  I attended the second Hug in Cambridge. We had a few drinks and nibbles at the Hotel du Vin then sat down to listen to two speakers.

Jeremy Knight, our energetic Host, opened with a talk about Inbound Sales. Inbound sales are far removed from traditional selling techniques, which are pushy, noisy/intrusive and generic in their approach. It’s about taking the time to find out your buyer’s behaviour and get to know their specific needs. He talked us through the process, the three stages of Awareness, Consideration and Decision. He highlighted the crucial importance of Value, a salesperson goes beyond providing product information to support a potential buyer throughout his/her journey. Using tools like HubSpot you can identify, connect and explore. Identify the customers, build a relationship, then explore what their precise needs are. When you know all this, you can then decide if the customer is a good fit for the product/service, if the buyer wants to purchase a solution now or is just looking for future reference.

In traditional (legacy) sales, the process is, in my biased opinion, less fun, you are approaching a stone-cold customer, you contact him/her and then offer a discount to entice him/her. This is a scatter-gun approach that might work for some industries but it’s not my cup of tea. Why not take advantage of data and make it easier? It’s not called Big Data for nothing. It’s huge, it’s growing and it’s not going away.
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