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Change and the art of ocean rowing in the face of fear

by Ian Rowe on 02-Oct-2016 15:37:06

At the inaugural HubSpot User Group, Ian will be giving a fascinating talk about 'change', drawing from his epic experience crossing the Atlantic in a rowing boat. We join Ian's story as they leave the African coast behind...

"The first night at sea was a massive, terrifying shock. I couldn’t believe it. Giant waves smashing into the boat. Howling wind. Oar handles smashing into my shins, cutting them open. Hands blistering and tearing apart. Soaked and cold from water cascading in over the side. The boat crashing over onto her side, rearing up on the huge swells.

Nauseous with the onset of seasickness. What the f#*k was this? This was beyond brutal, it was unrelenting, it was terrifying…this wasn’t the plan, this wasn’t what I’d expected….and then darkness fell.

That magnified everything and at the same time shrank my world down into the small bubble of light cast by the boat’s running lights. We were still experiencing all the same things with the waves, wind and oars battering us, yet now we could not see very much of anything.

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What is a HUG and why would you need one?

by Gemma Rogers on 28-Sep-2016 16:21:08

The idea of being invited to a HUG may seem, at first, a little surprising. Don't worry. It's not some  up-close invasion of your personal space dreamt up by Marketing - physical contact is strictly optional. A HUG is actually a HubSpot User Group. It's an opportunity to meet like-minded HubSpot customers, business owners and marketing and sales professionals with a passion for growing their business through inbound marketing.

What to expect at the Cambridge HUG

The Cambridge HUG will be a mixture of educational presentations and informal networking over drinks and canapés. Anyone who is actively practising inbound marketing or has an interest in learning more (you do not need to be a HubSpot customer) is welcome to attend.

Meetings will be held quarterly at Hotel du Vin, Cambridge, with ongoing discussion via the LinkedIn Group in between.

The vision for the Cambridge HUG is to ensure HubSpot Users and interested parties get the most from HubSpot and keep up to date with trends and best practice in inbound marketing, sales and growth driven design, whether you are a customer or not.

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