The HUG Agenda

6:30 pm | Reception

Drinks and snacks served in The Library

7:15 pm | Welcome

Kirstine Storey, Head of Operations, Equinet Media Ltd

7:20 pm | Jeremy Knight - Why you need ’Pillar Content’ today

Managing Director, Equinet Media

7:50 pm | Neil Sharp - Inbound: A Manufacturer's Tale

Group Marketing Manager, JJS Manufacturing

8:20 pm  | Ask us anything about HubSpot and networking

With an open bar on us

9:00 pm | Finish

About the talks: 


Jeremy Knight - Content Marketing Strategy: Why you need ’Pillar Content’ today

A content marketing strategy defines why you are creating content, who you are helping and how. But one key content marketing tactic no longer works like it used to. The way we research and use keywords has changed - radically. You may hear claims we can (and probably should) ignore keywords altogether, and focus instead on ‘being remarkable.' While you should, of course, seek to create great content, ignoring keywords would be a mistake. How to best use them given the new realities lies at the heart of this short talk on developing ’Pillar Content’ – a new approach to optimisation integral to a contemporary content marketing strategy.

neil sharp

Neil Sharp - Inbound: A Manufacturer's Tale

Neil reveals all about his inbound journey from its earliest days to 4 years on. He will touch on the content creation challenge - finding the writers among the engineers - and how creating the right buyer personas helped crystallise marketing efforts from the outset. He'll underline the successes you might expect from an inbound approach and how they have led to a restructuring of the business to fit more with today's customers.